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Thika Sex Guide

Hookers in Thika are known for their bold and fearless attitude. However, the town is now home to escorts and call girls nowadays too.

Escorts in Thika

They are scanty. Most of Thika’s escorts eventually move to Nairobi as there are more clients in Nairobi. Finding them is mostly through the many escort websites in Kenya.

Some of the socialites and slay queens that frequent Thika’s clubs happen to be escorts too. They usually show interest in sponsors and guys who seem loaded.

Call Girls in Thika

Thika’s escorts are call girls. They can thus be found online as well, but many locals prefer the easier road – Thika’s hookers.

They too also operate along Thika Road as well. Since a journey from Thika to Nairobi and back costs averagely Ksh. 200, distance is not an issue.

Hookers in Thika

Notorious for daylight prostitution, Thika’s hookers are some of the boldest in Kenya. Take care though. Hookers in this town are known to spike drinks.

There are several kinds of hookers in Thika though. Some people have noticed that pricier girls are less “stubborn” on the streets.

Strip Clubs in Thika

There has been an increase in the number of strip clubs in Thika. The clubs recruit hot girls from Thika and Nairobi. Nevertheless, since Nairobi is close by, most people would be delighted with what Nairobi’s strip clubs have to offer.

Live Sex Shows in Thika

Some of Thika’s strip clubs at times feature live sex shows. The live sex shows in Thika are mostly performed by commercial sex workers around the town.

Rich Sponsors and Sugar Mummies in Thika

You are likely to find rich sponsors in Thika in the bars. Some come from towns that are far away since Thika is relatively discreet.

Sugar mummies in Thika may exist, but not in the open. If you still want to try your luck, then you might want to start with dating apps.

Massage Parlors in Thika

Currently, there are no popular massage parlors in Thika that can compete with those in Nairobi. A solution to this would be to get an escort from Nairobi and meet in Thika.

Clubs in Thika

Hookers in Thika tend to stick close to some of the clubs in Thika. Inside some of the clubs, you will find sex workers, socialites, and sponsors.

These are some of the best clubs in Thika:

  • Club Image
  • Club Porkies,
  • Club 237
  • Club Leo
  • Club Blend

Despite the small number of call girls and escorts in Thika, you can still find many of them operating in Nairobi.

So long as you are in Nairobi or reside along Thika Road, then an escort in Thika can always visit you. Thika raha may not be as fun as Nairobi Raha, but it continues to grow.

Thika’s hot girls might be alluring, but you need to remain cautious at all times. Always remember to carry only the amount of cash you would need.

You should also use cabs whenever a situation calls for it.