Nakuru Sex Guide

Naxvegas. A fast-growing town that packs enough thrill for the wildest of adventurers. One weekend retreat is all it takes to get hooked.

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Nakuru Raha – Varied, Vibrant, Vivacious

Many of the girls in Nakuru come from towns such as Nairobi, Naivasha, Eldoret, and Kericho. As a result, you are bound to meet several kinds of girls from mostly the Rift Valley region.

The girls are generally upbeat and know how to have fun. After all, most of them travel to Nakuru in search of a wild and unique Nakuru raha experience.

Call Girls and Escorts in Nakuru

Similar to Nairobi, there is no distinct boundary between Nakuru escorts and call girls in Nakuru as they are used interchangeably. Apart from those two, you may hear people referring to them as slay queens too.

Even though the town is a popular tourist destination, Nakuru escorts are fewer than than Nairobi escorts. This may be because the town is still growing and because many of the girls that you meet in the town aren’t locals.

While you can find escorts in from some of the local online escort agencies, you are less likely to find VIP escorts. Dating platforms such as Tinder and Badoo are better platforms to look for them.

Collectively, call girls and escorts in Nakuru are aged between 21-30 years.

Hookups in Nakuru

Here too, dating apps are your safest option. Nevertheless, if you feel bold enough, you can try your luck with popular Facebook groups or Telegram channels.

Massage in Nakuru

You may be disappointed if you were looking for massage parlors in Nakuru that offer happy endings. However, due to the lack of dedicated brothels in the town, there are chances that some of the massage parlors do offer happy endings. It is also worth mentioning that in Nakuru, exotic massages can be found in the leafy suburbs only.

Sugar Mummies in Nakuru

Milimani Estate is home to plenty of Nakuru’s cougars who openly flirt with younger men. Since they have time and money, they often shower their dates with lots of cash and trips around Nakuru’s exclusive hotels.

Hookers in Nakuru

Hookers roam in almost every street in Nakuru. Their charges vary from Ksh. 200 ($2) and may at times go beyond Ksh. 500 ($5). There are those who fear for their security and will at times request to have sex in the cars rather than in the lodgings. A few areas that they can be found include:

Kanu Street (K-Street)

The street stretches for about 1.5 Km and has has several night clubs, lodgings and bars. Hookers frequent the street because of its popularity.

Ndumu in Maili Sita 

An area known for harboring cheap hookers.

Gusii Street

It is one of the most popular red-light districts in Nakuru. Some hookers here go as far as renting hotel rooms prior to meeting their clients.

Strip Clubs in Nakuru

Strip club culture is not popular in Nakuru as it is in Nairobi. However, Milimani Estate in Nakuru is known to have a private exclusive strip club. While there could be more in the area, there’s no guarantee that they are top notch. A good alternative would be to visit the strip clubs in Nairobi. 

Clubs in Nakuru

Nakuru raha girls who frequent the town to get a taste of the town’s nightlife usually hit the clubs too. West Road and Kenyatta Avenue are two popular streets to find some of the best clubs in Nakuru, but a few of them include:

  • Platinum 7D Lounge
  • Club at Taidy`s Suites
  • Dimples Disco
  • Club Millennium
  • Coco Savanna Disco Club