Kisumu Sex Guide

Kisumu Sex Guide

Thinking of a sex holiday in Kisumu? Learn how and where to find the sexiest girls in Kisumu.

From escorts and call girls, to night clubs and strip clubs, Kisumu promises an unforgettable weekend filled with excitement and pleasure.


As the third largest city in Kenya, Kisumu boasts a dynamic urban landscape teeming with beauty, energy, and charm, making it a perfect sex holiday destination.

Home to over 700,000 residents, Kisumu is strategically located in the western part of Kenya, along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Here, you’ll discover its breathtaking views and unforgettable sunsets that highlight the city’s natural beauty.

But that’s not all.

Accessing the city is a breeze, whether by road, air (via Kisumu International Airport), train, or water, with Lake Victoria serving as a transportation link to Uganda and Tanzania.

It is not only a treasure trove of attractions, ranging from its rich cultural sites to its vibrant culinary scene and inviting accommodations, but it also dazzles with its lively nightlife.

Whether you’re exploring its numerous attractions or simply soaking up its laid-back ambiance, Kisumu promises an unforgettable experience.

Sex in Kisumu

In Kisumu, the sexual landscape reflects its western Kenyan environment, offering plenty of avenues for sexual encounters, albeit amidst subtle conservative undertones.

Though not as plentiful as in Nairobi or Mombasa, sex services in Kisumu are still accessible for those in search. 

And this is complemented by the city’s vibrant nightlife which caters to various tastes.

Legality of Sexual Services in Kisumu

Prostitution is not nationally criminalised in Kenya, and this explains why the local laws in Kisumu align with national legislation.

This environment has encouraged the growth of both foreign and local sex tourism, leading to the formation of advocacy groups like KISWA and KIMASWO, dedicated to safeguarding the rights of sex workers in Kisumu.

Where Can You Get Sex in Kisumu?

Avenues for sexual encounters abound, catering to diverse preferences and interests.

You can thus get sex in Kisumu through any of these avenues:

  • Escort directories and agencies
  • Dating and hookup apps
  • Night clubs and bars

From discreet rendezvous with escorts and call girls to casual encounters and one-night stands, options are plentiful for those seeking intimate adventures.

The city’s vibrant nightlife scene offers opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, while online dating apps like Tinder facilitate connections with charming and sexy girls.

But that’s not all.

With its diverse population and multicultural atmosphere, Kisumu city continues to evolve as a destination where you can truly indulge.

Whether in upscale hotels, nightclubs, or private residences, the city will offer you a wide range of settings for sexual exploration.

Courtesans and Escorts in Kisumu

The availability of courtesans and escorts in Kisumu is relatively scarce compared to other urban centres like Nairobi or Mombasa. 

This scarcity could be attributed to a lack of awareness of escort services in general. However, this doesn’t mean they’re entirely absent.

Due to the limited variety of high-end escorts and courtesans in Kisumu, wealthy individuals often fly in companions from popular cities like Nairobi. 

Escort Services and Agencies in Kisumu

Of course, escort agencies in Kisumu do exist.

But there is an overt lack of prominent and reputable escort agencies or agents, contributing to the overall scarcity of such services in the region.

However, individuals seeking companionship can still find independent escorts through various online directories and agencies.

  • Massage Republic — Offers verified escort listings and attracts international clients, albeit with relatively few escort girls in Kisumu.
  • Nairobi Hot — While popular nationally, it features unverified escort listings and a number of fake escort profiles of girls in Kisumu.
  • Exotic Kenya — It caters to a moderate local clientele but suffers from similar verification issues as Nairobi Hot.
  • Kisumu Raha —  A dedicated escort site, but with limited local clients and faces challenges with fake escort profiles, as evidenced by its online search rankings.

Despite these obstacles, you can still find many companionship options in Kisumu, albeit with some diligence and luck required.

Call Girls in Kisumu

For a city with a limited presence of traditional escorts, call girls in Kisumu serve a vital role in meeting the demand for sexual services. 

Unlike escorts who offer companionship alongside optional sexual services, call girls primarily focus on the latter. 

And these types of girls are way more abundant in the city.

Have a look at these smoking hot call girls in Kisumu for a start!


Most call girls often operate through social media platforms like Facebook or dating apps such as Tinder and Tagged. 

Identifying them is relatively straightforward too. They typically display their phone numbers prominently on their profiles and often feature suggestive pictures and bios. 

While they may lack a unified platform or escort site, various online channels make them easily reachable for those seeking call girl services in Kisumu.

Hookups in Kisumu

The hookup scene in Kisumu is fairly vibrant, with various online platforms facilitating connections.

While generic dating sites may populate search engine results for terms like “Kisumu hookups”, they often lack the targeted audience for hookups.

Many of their purported “hookup connections” are merely middle-aged women seeking long-term relationships rather than casual encounters.

A more suitable and targeted alternative could be AdultFriendFinder, although you’re more likely to find Nairobi hookups there.

Instead, popular swipe-to-match apps like Tinder, Badoo, and Tagged dominate the hookup landscape in Kisumu and Kenya as a whole.


Tinder boasts the largest user base and widespread popularity, offering a diverse selection of hookup-friendly individuals. 

While success rates are high, communication relies on mutual matches, and this can slow down the search for a quick hookup in Kisumu.


With its equally large user base, Badoo stands out for its responsive members and a higher ratio of real users compared to fakes. 

Fun features like nearby encounters add to its appeal, though it also requires matching for communication.

Tagged and Hi5

Both apps operate under the Ifwe Inc. network, share a large user base and feature a significant number of hookup-friendly profiles. 

You’ll definitely appreciate the ability to chat without matching. But while the network mostly has real users, caution is advised due to the high potential for catfishing.

For Kisumu residents seeking hookups, opting for these three popular apps ensures access to a broad pool of potential partners, increasing the likelihood of successful encounters.

Night Clubs & Bars in Kisumu

Night clubs are, hands down, the epicentre of fun activities in any city or town in Kenya. 

From trendy lounges to pulsating dance floors, Kisumu’s night clubs buzz with energy and excitement, drawing in crowds seeking lively entertainment and unforgettable experiences.

These venues are perfect for meeting women, and they also come in handy for those who haven’t had much success in the online dating or hookup scene.

Best Nightclubs For Picking Up Sexy Girls in Kisumu (2024)

When it comes to picking up sexy girls in Kisumu, starting at the city’s most popular nightclubs offers the best odds of success. 

These venues host a diverse array of women, including escorts, call girls, pole dancers, and even strippers, catering to various preferences and desires.

Here’s our curated list of the best clubs in Kisumu that you should definitely explore.

1. Black Pearl

Black Pearl is undoubtedly one of Kisumu’s premier clubs, offering everything you need for a memorable night out.

If you could only choose one nightclub to visit in Kisumu, Black Pearl should be your destination of choice.

Why? You ask?

Black Pearl excels on nearly all fronts, while providing an electric club experience in Kisumu. 

Plus, locals themselves love it for many reasons:

  • It attracts sizable crowds, especially single ladies, 
  • Provides ample parking, 
  • Occasionally has celebrity-hosted events, 
  • Offers VIP amenities, 
  • Has a diverse and multicultural clientele, 
  • Maintains fair pricing, 
  • Prioritises security

2. Alleyways Beer Garden

Alleyways Beer Garden is a formidable competitor to Black Pearl. 

After rebranding the formerly renowned Barcadia Club, it embraced numerous essential ingredients for thriving in Kisumu’s nightlife scene.

And indeed, it achieved just that.

It boasts beautiful women, good ambiance, and an accessible location in Kisumu CBD, all at an affordable price.

However, some of its drawbacks include limited space and parking, and the absence of a VIP section.

3. The OTRO

While relatively new in Kisumu, The OTRO boasts a lively atmosphere filled with vibrant and loyal customers.

Its convenient proximity to Mamba Hotel, Pitstop Dala, and other establishments gives it a unique advantage as the sole prominent club that caters to a youthful audience in the area.

As a result, engaging with numerous attractive, open-minded, and fun loving girls is quite straightforward.

Unfortunately, parking poses a challenge as spaces are shared with neighbouring clubs. This makes The OTRO fill up pretty fast, so it’s advisable to arrive before peak party hours.

4. Da Bar

For a classy and cosy ambiance, look no further than Da Bar.

Situated within Mega City Mall along the Nairobi – Kisumu road, this establishment attracts a mix of local Indians and a handful of foreigners.

With delicious food, amazing cocktails, and friendly customer service, it offers a welcoming atmosphere for all despite its small floor space.

But while major events like New Year celebrations draw in crowds, regular nights see fewer female guests, primarily due to Da Bar’s premium pricing on alcoholic drinks.

5. Signature Level 4 Bar and Restaurant

Located on the fourth floor of Murbs building in downtown Kisumu, Signature Level 4 Bar and Restaurant is a hotspot frequented by stylish college girls.

It once rocked the scene during the earlier days

With affordable prices, great music selection, and bustling crowds, it offers a vibrant nightlife experience. And this partly explains its popularity among the youth.

Nevertheless, you should remain vigilant as the large crowds may sometimes host a few pickpockets.

6. Club Da Place

Nestled in the outskirts of Kisumu CBD in Mamboleo, Club Da Place is a hidden gem with a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for those who now consider themselves locals.

Bursting with energy from Thursday through the weekends, it attracts stunning girls from distant places like Kakamega and occasionally hosts top celebrities. 

Though ideal for football weekends, its major downside lies in poor accessibility due to ongoing construction of the Mamboleo – Miwani road.

These next set of nightclubs in Kisumu offer unique experiences catering to specific groups such as niche music enthusiasts, those seeking privacy, or even mature audiences.

But while they may be ideal for hanging out with existing company, they might not be the best for mingling or meeting large crowds of girls.

1. Pit Stop Dala

As a relatively new addition, Pit Stop Dala offers mouth watering food and a relaxing ambiance. 

Famous for its rhumba music and big screens for catching football matches, Pit Stop Dala unfortunately doesn’t attract many young, single women due to its focus on these aspects.

Yet, this shouldn’t dissuade you, particularly if you’re seeking mature, established women to connect with instead.

2. The VIP Luxury Lounge

Found in the upscale Milimani area, The VIP Luxury Lounge offers an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere

Featuring live bands and karaoke, it effortlessly exudes class, which often comes at a premium price. And this often draws much smaller and less diverse crowds. 

You can thus use the venue as a secluded spot to meet or interact privately with your companion.

3. Samba Marina Bar and Restaurant

With its long-standing presence, Samba Marina Bar and Restaurant offers lively rhumba music and mainly attracts mature audiences. 

Doubling as a sports bar, it provides ample space and is conveniently located near other vibrant clubs like Signature Level 4 Bar and Restaurant.

Despite having fewer ladies than other clubs, its surrounding area, particularly the renowned Paul Mbuya Road, remains a bustling red light district that still draws the adventurous.

4. Africana Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Offering decent but relaxing views of the Omolo Agar road, Africana Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is yet another club in Kisumu that easily goes unnoticed.

Located in the heart of the CBD with nearby amenities like K-City Lounge and West End Mall, it appeals to a youthful audience and sometimes attracts beautiful girls. 

However, its downside lies in the sparse crowds, reducing opportunities to meet girls.

Closed Night Clubs in Kisumu

Lastly, it’s important to mention some closed nightclubs that were once prominent in the area. 

Some closures significantly affected the local sex tourism industry in Kisumu, and this even forced some sex workers to move away from Kisumu CBD.

However, each closed-down nightclub in Kisumu took with it a distinct flavour of the nightlife scene, making it essential to reminisce about and capture their individual significance/ showcase some highlights that once made them shine.

1. Willis Lounge (Temporarily Closed)

Formerly a promising spot with good music and club experience, Willis Lounge remains closed. It offers karaoke Wednesdays and exotic strip teases on Tuesdays.

2. Barcadia Lounge (Rebranded)

Barcadia Lounge, now rebranded as Alleyways Beer Garden, once provided a vibrant night scene, attracting beautiful girls and packed crowds that spilled onto the streets.

3. The Roan Rooftop

Now permanently closed, Roan Rooftop provided excellent ambiance and views of Kisumu CBD, attracting both local and out-of-town visitors.

4. Buccaneers Night Club

In its glory days, Buccaneers Night Club provided an electrifying night experience with a concert-like atmosphere. It was adored by youthful women and frequented by foreigners.

5. Octopus — Bottoms Up Club

After 43 years, Octopus, the once popular hotspot that was synonymous with hookers, ceased operations in 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

6. Ja Nam Lounge

Once vibrant and host to celebrities like Khaligraph Jones and Prince Indah, Ja Nam lounge appears to have permanently closed after the COVID-19 period.

7. La Vue Lounge

Located on the 3rd floor of Tuffoam Mall, La Vue Lounge once offered good views of Kisumu city and skyline. However, it has been inactive since 2022 due to subpar customer service.

8. Club Area 51

Previously known as Basement Club, Club Area 51 attracted a youthful crowd fond of its dynamic reggae and hip-hop. It had a reputation for hosting numerous hookers.

Of course, there are a few more honourable mentions like Buddy’s Bar and Grill and Latitude Lounge that once rocked the night life in Kisumu in different ways.

But like all the rest, the reality is that most of their heydays are now long gone.

Strip Tease Perfomances and Strip Clubs in Kisumu

Strip tease performance at Da Place Kisumu (Image courtesy)

Kisumu does not have dedicated adult entertainment venues like Nairobi’s Liddos Club, 

However, strip tease performances are still available in some clubs in Kisumu on select days, providing an exciting taste of adult entertainment for interested individuals.

To date, we’ve identified three clubs in Kisumu that offer strip tease performances, but only one is currently operational:

  • Club Da Place
  • Willis Lounge (Closed)
  • Buccaneers (Closed)

Drippin’ Wet Thursdays at Club Da Place

Experience Drippin’ Wet Thursdays at Club Da Place, where wild nights ensue and gates close as performances heat up around 11-midnight. 

Enjoy impressive pole dancing by thick and beautiful models, with options for private erotic dances available on request, and of course, at a price.

Tuesday Sensation at Willis Lounge (Currently Closed)

Tuesday nights once blazed at Willis Lounge with their renowned Tuesday Sensation strip tease performances, showcasing exotic dancers from across the country

The shows usually kicked off early at 6 PM and built momentum into the night, ensuring an entertaining evening for all.

The Pole Party on Epic Thursdays at Buccaneers (Permanently Closed)

During its prime, Buccaneers Night Club featured strip tease performances on Thursdays, famously known as Epic Thursdays. 

Entry prices varied from time to time during the years, around 300 to 500 shillings for VIP access, with pole dancing as one of their main attractions for the night.

Red Light Districts in Kisumu

Although still existing, the red light district in Kisumu has experienced a notable reduction in size. 

This decline is primarily attributed to the closure of once-popular nightclubs like Club Area 51, which were closely associated with street hookers. 

Consequently, the closures prompted these individuals to relocate to other areas, such as the Kondele area, where they continue their trade within local club premises.

Meanwhile, street hookers can be found along Paul Mbuya road, adjacent to Samba Marina, just a walking distance away. 

Despite the shrinking of the RLD, these areas still serve as hubs for sex workers, albeit in smaller concentrations compared to the past. 

Nevertheless, this shifting landscape of Kisumu’s nightlife underscores the dynamic nature of the city’s adult entertainment scene and its ongoing evolution.

Erotic Massage Parlours in Kisumu

Dedicated erotic massage parlours providing “happy endings” in Kisumu are rare to non-existent, unlike Nairobi where such services are extensively advertised.

Despite rumours about Beyond The Mirror Spa along Nzoia Road in Milimani, there is no indication that it explicitly offers these services. 

On the other hand, Private Mobile Massage in the Kondele area may provide erotic extras, as evidenced by their online profile, but their offerings are also yet to be verified.

Typically, masseuses capable of providing erotic massages in Kisumu primarily offer mobile services and may also double as escorts. 

For those in need of premium home-based mobile massage experiences, options may be explored in Nairobi through platforms like Nairobi Freelance. 

They offer a variety of experienced models and a wide range of services which include: 

  • Nuru massage, 
  • Adult massage, 
  • Sensual/erotic massage, 
  • Four hands massage, 
  • African rungu massage,

Brothels in Kisumu

In areas known for their Red Light Districts, such as Kondele along Kibos road and the Beer Belt behind the main stage, brothels can often be found near pubs and clubs. 

The Kondele area currently remains the most active, the Beer Belt has seen a decline in activity due to closures of surrounding establishments like Club Area 51. 

Typically, the services offered in most of these brothels mainly target locals and adventurous explorers, rendering them less accommodating for everyone.

But if you’re up for the adventure, exercise caution by refraining from carrying any valuables.

LGBTQ+ in Kisumu

Finding spots where gays or lesbians gather openly, such as in clubs or recreational venues is virtually nonexistent in Kisumu.

And this comes as no surprise.

In Kenya, LGBTQ individuals looking for adult entertainment may often face chilly receptions due to cultural norms and legal constraints. 

While popular and dedicated dating apps like Grindr and HER may appear like attractive options, exercising caution is imperative, as they may not be as reliable in Kenya. 

It’s much safer to mingle and seek partners on widely-used apps like Tinder, where LGBTQ individuals are also active, as dedicated apps may not offer the same level of reliability.

Other Helpful Services in Kisumu

Sex Shops and Adult Stores in Kisumu

There are currently no walk-in sex shops or online adult stores based in Kisumu. 

Fortunately, many online adult stores in Nairobi offer delivery services, with items typically arriving within a day. 

This convenience can be a lifesaver if you happen to be in urgent need of a few sex toys during your Kisumu stay.

But if you’ll be in Nairobi beforehand, it’s advisable to acquire your own supplies before travelling to Kisumu.

Hotels and Airbnbs in Kisumu

Kisumu offers a variety of accommodation options, including:

  • Guesthouses, 
  • Hotels, 
  • Bed and breakfasts, 
  • Luxury hotels, 

All these are scattered across the city, and a thorough Google search is likely to yield suitable options. 

Nevertheless, visitors should remain mindful of the surrounding environment and choose accommodations accordingly.

Have a bnb or rental apartment you want listed here?

Staying Safe in Kisumu


It’s essential to stay informed about the local news, especially regarding the political climate, as it can sometimes affect safety conditions. 

Keep an eye out for safety alerts issued by embassies like the US and UK.

Moreover, selecting suitable accommodations and venues for activities is a significant consideration. 

Many red-light districts in Kisumu are notorious for theft, particularly incidents involving phone snatching. Thus, it’s wise not to carry valuable items when visiting these areas.

Choosing to stay in upscale areas like Milimani or private residences such as those on Riat Hills is recommended, as they often employ private security measures.

Abiding The Law

Adhering to the law is crucial to avoid any legal issues. 

Refrain from engaging in activities that may violate the law, such as being involved with underage individuals, as the legal age of consent is 18 years. 

It’s important to obey traffic regulations and avoid drinking and driving, as alcoblows are occasionally conducted, particularly near the Kondele area.

Cost of a Sex Holiday in Kisumu

The cost of a sex holiday in Kisumu will vary depending on factors such as activities, duration of stay, companionship preferences, and desired quality of services.

To estimate the actual costs, we’ll look at five key areas:

  • Companionship
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation 
  • Foods and drinks

Companionship Costs

When considering companionship for a sex holiday in Kisumu, the type of companionship is a crucial factor as it dictates other elements like the types of services you get.

Type of companionshipHookers,  EscortsVIP Escorts, Courtesans, Masseurs
500 to 1,500 Ksh2,000 to 5,000 Ksh10,000+ Ksh

Duration is also important, but the rates above can serve as a helpful guide for negotiating with your companion, especially for single sessions.


Leisure activities are optional but can enhance your experience, particularly if you aim to balance work and leisure during your stay.

Type of entertainmentFreely accessible events, public parks, wildlife parks, pubs and barsPublic events, movie restaurants, cinemasExclusive lounges, private events, VIP experiences
200 to 2,000+ Ksh2,500 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh

The daily expenses mentioned are mere averages and exclude food and drinks, serving as a rough estimate of potential entertainment expenditures.


Kisumu boasts a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets, some even including perks like complimentary breakfasts in bed-and-breakfasts.

Type of accommodationShort time hotels, guest houses, budget hotelsBed and breakfasts, standard hotels, rental apartmentsResorts, Private villas and cottages,  Luxury hotels
800 to 1,500 Ksh2,000 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh

Given the necessity of accommodation, prioritising safety and personal preferences is key. 

Opting for a single, secure location for the duration of your stay is more convenient than constantly changing venues.


Transportation options in Kisumu include matatus (minibuses) to taxis, boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis), and car rentals.

Mode of transport to Kisumu (from Nairobi)Public transportation, economy trainRoad (Public/Private), Budget flightsRoad (private luxury cars), Flight
1,000 to 2,000 Ksh2,000 to 10,000+ Ksh7,000 to 15,000+ Ksh
Mode of transportation within KisumuMatatus, boda-bodas, tuk tuksTaxis, car rentalsPrivate chauffeurs, luxury car rentals
500 to 1,000 Ksh1,500 to 5,000+ Ksh2,500 to 10,000+

For travellers coming from other towns like Nairobi, flights and rail services are also available as alternative options.

Food & Drinks

Food and drink prices vary depending on the establishments or venues you choose. Additionally, you may find yourself spending less if your accommodation includes meals.

Type of establishmentLocal eateries, casual dining spots, street food vendorsPopular fast-food restaurants, mid-range restaurants, cafesPopular fast-food restaurants, upscale restaurants, fine dining venues
100 to 500 Ksh1,000 to 3,000+ Ksh2,500 to 5,000+ Ksh
Alcoholic consumptionLocal pubs and barsPopular clubs and loungesVIP clubs
800 to 1,500 Ksh3,500 to 8,000+ Ksh5,000 to 15,000+ Ksh


Even with thorough planning, unforeseen miscellaneous costs may still arise, extending beyond standard categories like accommodation, transportation, and meals. 

These unexpected expenses, such as incidental charges or unanticipated fees, highlight the importance of maintaining funds for shopping and emergencies during travel preparations.

Shopping1,000 to 2,500+ Ksh3,000 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh
Emergency funds3,000 to 5,000+ Ksh5,000 to 10,000+ Ksh20,000+ Ksh

Total Costs

In planning for a satisfactory sex holiday in Kisumu, it’s essential to anticipate these total expenses. Thus, it’s wise to plan ahead with these considerations in mind.

Companionship500 to 1,500 Ksh2,000 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh
Entertainment200 to 2,000+ Ksh2,500 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh
Accommodation800 to 1,500 Ksh2,000 to 5,000+ Ksh10,000+ Ksh
Transportation1,500 to 3,000 Ksh3,500 to 15,000+ Ksh9,500 to 25,000+ Ksh
Food & Drinks1,000 to 2,000 Ksh4,500 to 11,000+ Ksh20,000+ Ksh
Miscellaneous4,000 to 7,500 Ksh8,000 to 15,000+ Ksh30,000+ Ksh
Total Costs8,000 to 17,500 Ksh22,500 to 56,000 Ksh89,500 to 105,000+ Ksh

While these costs are estimated, they may vary depending on your desired experience, allowing flexibility in reallocating funds to prioritise specific areas. 

However, for a decent weekend getaway in Kisumu, the outlined expenses serve as reliable starting points.

Is a Sex Holiday in Kisumu Worth It?


If you’ve already toured Nairobi or Mombasa and seek a new destination to discover, then Kisumu is worth exploring.

The city offers a wide range of attractions and a bustling nightlife, providing a distinctive experience that will enrich your visit to Kenya.

Moreover, you have the freedom to tailor your trip to your preferences.

Yet, it’s essential to acknowledge Kisumu’s limitations as a sex holiday destination.

1. Diverse experience
2. Multiple transportation options
3. Affordable offerings
4. Scenic beauty
5. Vibrant nightlife
6. Privacy for elite visitors
1. Limited adult entertainment options
2. Limited activities to engage in for 2+ days


Kisumu is basically shouting out to all adventure seekers for a sex holiday that they won’t forget.

With its mix of cool spots, buzzing nightlife, and friendly vibes, there’s loads to explore and enjoy — all at budget-friendly prices too!.

However, travellers should be aware of the city’s shortcomings, particularly when it comes to adult entertainment.

But by planning ahead and focusing on personal preferences, Kisumu promises an incredible experience, whether you’re seeking thrills, relaxation, or just soaking up the culture.

So, are you ready for an unforgettable journey to Kisumu?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

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