Mombasa Sex Guide

Mombasa Sex Guide

Mombasa Raha Girls – Varied, Sweet, Natural Lovers Mombasa has a wide variety of call girls and escorts of different ages due to the high number of tourists it gets. Mombasa escorts are also among the most adaptive and most proactive in the country. Most women from the coastal region are known to be respectful. […]

Mombasa Raha Girls – Varied, Sweet, Natural Lovers

Mombasa has a wide variety of call girls and escorts of different ages due to the high number of tourists it gets. Mombasa escorts are also among the most adaptive and most proactive in the country.

Most women from the coastal region are known to be respectful. This may be the reason why escorts in Mombasa as old as 40 years still tend to married men.

Escorts in Mombasa

At first glance, Nairobi Raha may seem to have more escorts than Mombasa. However, the town may be the only one in the country with the most diverse escorts in the Kenya.

Mombasa escorts prefer getting their clients in social places such as night clubs. Most that can be found in night clubs are classy and know how to blend in. This makes them one of the best escorts for girlfriend experiences. They can be found in escort agencies as well.

As they are natural lovers too, they are inclined to ensuring that their clients are satisfied. In fact, most of the escorts in Mombasa almost never ask for cash before a sexual encounter.

While the age group of sex workers in Mombasa is diverse, escorts typically range from 22 years to 40 years. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you prefer experience from the 40-year-old Mombasa escorts.

Escorts from the night clubs usually charge Ksh. 2000 ($20) or more depending on the night club and the client. However, there are some escorts in Mombasa that charge over Ksh. 50,000 ($500) per session too.

Hookers in Mombasa

Street hookers are plentiful in Mombasa and mainly around social areas. In Mombasa CBD, Moi Avenue harbors many prostitutes next to some of the big clubs around the area. It is also one of the few towns in Kenya with a large number of male street hookers.

In the North Coast, Mtwapa and Bamburi are the places where you can find the most hookers in Mombasa. High end sex workers thrive in Bamburi area compared to Mtwapa which usually has cheap call girls and hookers due to the many visitors it gets. These two areas also make up Mombasa’s red-light district.

The South Coast area has two main regions – Likoni and Diani. The cheap hookers can be found in Likoni just after crossing the Likoni Ferry. As there are many foreigners in Diani, you can find classy escorts here who love being showered with money. Some of the Likoni escorts transition and live in Diani because of this.

Hookers in Mombasa’s Bamburi area have been known to rob men at times, so you should be a little cautious here.

Within Mombasa City, Moi Avenue, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, and Haile Sellasie Avenue have the most hookers. You should also know that due to competition, some have resorted to using buibuis to attract customers looking for exotic girls.

The hookers charge differently depending on where you met them. In the Mombasa – Malindi highway, some sex workers claim they used to charge up to Ksh. 3,000 ($30). However, some have accepted up to Ksh. 500 ($5).

Most of the hookers in Mombasa look youthful and could be anywhere between 19-29 years of age. Hookers above 30 years usually transition to high end escorts that service men who need a genuine feminine touch.

Mombasa Sponsors and Sugar Mummies

In Mombasa, there are high chances that rich sponsors (sugar daddies) are also white foreigners. Girls in Mombasa thus frequent night clubs.

While some of the girls make themselves noticeable before rich whites, others can openly advance if the girls think you’re shy. This is common in night clubs around Nyali.

While most girls target Mombasa white singles, there are plenty of rich Kenyan sponsors in the town too. Restaurants and coffee shops in high end regions like Nyali and Diani are good places to go if you are looking for sugar daddies.

On the other hand, sugar mummies in Mombasa may not be as many as the sugar daddies, but there are certainly lots of them. Mombasa sugar mummies live in high-end neighborhoods and are usually married to foreigners or Kenyan businessmen who travel a lot.

They remain discreet, but if you visit the many gyms and spas in Mombasa, you are likely to find those who are interested. The beach is also a good place to meet sugar mummies of different races. Mombasa’s beach boys usually target these women though.

Beach boys are popular along public beaches and are fluent with plenty of foreign languages. Their main languages though are German and Italian.

Lesbians and Gays in Mombasa

Unlike in Nairobi, there is very little known about lesbians in Mombasa. This may partly be because there isn’t a high demand for lesbians compared to gay men. As such, one sure way of finding Mombasa’s lesbians is through escort agencies.

In contrast, there are plenty of gay sex workers in Mombasa as the demand is higher. There are even some streets in the town that are at times dominated by male sex workers. However, female sex workers still dominate most online escort agencies in Mombasa.

Some male sex workers in Mombasa claim they are paid up to Ksh. 50,000 ($500) per session because their clients are mostly high-ranking figures.

Mombasa Dating and Hookups

Hookup services in Mombasa are not online-based, but you can still get plenty of Mombasa’s escorts online. Such services are usually provided by some of the older escorts who can find just about any kind of girl you are looking for in Mombasa.

Dating apps such as Tinder are also effective when looking for a date in Mombasa. Apart from Tinder, other popular dating apps in Mombasa, Kenya include:

  • Badoo
  • OkCupid
  • Lovoo
  • Tagged

If you’d prefer picking up girls on your own, you can meet plenty in the beaches and in night clubs. This is because many Mombasa singles frequent these areas.

You do have to remember that you will meet different kinds of girls in clubs. As Mombasa girls are open-minded, most are likely to show interest after you make your intentions clear.

Mombasa hookups are only ideal if you are conversant with the town. Mombasa’s dating apps are preferable if you are new in the coastal area of Kenya. Be wary with some of Mombasa’s dating sites as some list fake profiles.

Massage Parlors in Mombasa

Compared to the ones in Nairobi, Mombasa’s massage parlors are discreet. As such, you would have to locate massage spas in Mombasa physically.

On the beaches, massage parlors are usually nothing but small huts. While private, you may find them a little primitive too. They are mostly found in the Nyali or Bamburi beaches. The room fees in these massage huts can go up to Ksh. 2000 ($20).

Optionally, those who seek massage services in Mombasa could consider getting escorts. Many are conversant with different types of massages.

Mombasa raha generally thrives because of the girls’ commitments to please their clients in bed. The girls are proactive and always looking for ways of pleasing with their men.

Mombasa Strip Clubs

Early in 2018, strip clubs in Mombasa were threatened due to use of underage girls. Hype around strip clubs faded for a while. Most continue to operate but with caution and regard for the law.

Below are some of Mombasa’s known strip clubs.

Casablanca Club

It is found along Mnazi Moja Road in Mombasa Road. It is not ideally a strip club as they offer strip teases in the VIP section and live shows from 11PM.

Lollipop @GoGo

Most people dislike the club and its services. It might not be the best place to go for a real taste of what Mombasa raha has to offer.

Despite the lack of many strip clubs in Mombasa, more could soon come up. Regardless, you can still visit the night clubs in the area.

Mombasa Night Clubs

Hot girls in Mombasa can be found in most clubs, but here are some of the best clubs in Mombasa that really stood out.

In Mombasa mainland area, you can find night clubs such as:

  • Bella Vista – Found along Aga Khan Road which branches off Moi Avenue
  • Klub Zero 4 – Located next to the “Pembe za Mombasa” Mombasa
  • Florida Night Club and Casino – Found along Azania Drive and overlooking the Indian Ocean

Of the three, Klub Zero 4 seems to have gathered a lot of hype. It has a wide variety of girls and some are even exotic. You can occasionally find Arab girls there.

In the Northern Coast, many of the best night clubs in Nyali can be found in Nyali Center. They include:

  • Anuba Lounge
  • Tapas Cielo Bar and Restaurant
  • Club Hypnotica

Other night clubs in Nyali include:

  • Bob’s Bar
  • Moonshine Beach Bar
  • The Lounge Bar
  • Sheba Lounge

Classy Mombasa escorts visit most of the clubs and lounges in this area. This means they often charge more for their services when compared to girls in mainland Mombasa.

As you can get different kinds of girls in the area, prices vary depending on whether you landed on a cheap call girl in Mombasa or an escort. However, with Ksh. 2,000 ($20) and more, you are likely to at least get an escort or one of the many hookers around the area.

Mombasa Sex Guide FAQ

Is Mombasa Raha better than Nairobi Raha?

Most Nairobians actually travel to Mombasa for the ultimate experience. Mombasa’s escorts are dedicated lovers and know how to treat their men. You may get a few areas in Nairobi that are relaxed, but Mombasa’s sandy beaches lure most. However, you should also try Nakuru raha as well.

Should I choose South Coast or North Coast for the Ultimate Mombasa Raha?

The Northern Coast is more vibrant than the Southern Coast for most people. A good number of the best the night clubs in Mombasa also come from the Northern Coast especially around Nyali area. The Southern Coast is more favorable if you’re conversant with Diani Beach.