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  • 15000
    Incall Price Per Hour
  • 17000
    Outcall Price Per Hour
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    English, Swahili

About Me

Have you ever been a real slave? Have you ever had any strong needs to be a slave? Or are you a sub? A sub has rights and freedom while a slave seeks total slavery no rights no freedom of their own.I own you and your life.

slave is ready for longtime /lifetime slavery.
And must be ready to sign a slave contract, and hopefully it will be for a lifetime and with no chance of going back when you have sign. It’s the only way to serve 100% at all times when you know there is no going back!
Also Mistress/slave marriage can be possible if you are eligible and of course takes a lot of patience.

I am a strict and loving no mercy Black Mistress , demanding and want a slave who is able to meet my wants and needs,. I want to own a slave in totality.In a slave, I am looking for devotion and trust in order to have a successful relationship, I also want to have an emotional connection with my slave.
I want a slave to serve from a deeper place and not just superficially, it has to come from within and take pleasure in doing so.

Slave must be ready to be humiliated,broken and over-powered by a very Dominant Woman. slave should feel very strong need to be in a Black Female lead world. Black Dommes must be much more powerful in their eyes!
This slave must be a very strong believer in Black Female supremacy.
I am a genuine Domme,looking for very serious slaves who deeply knows what they want.

Slave must be ready to beg with all he got,to be respectful,humbled and very pathetic. slave must be very ready for my training for ME to turn you into a model of a slave that I desire. slave must be ready to surrender physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually
slave must be ready to lose his dignity ,his self worth, and think only of how to please ME!
slave must be very Open-Minded because I an a Domme who is very imaginative and willing to try and enjoy both fantasies. I am sincere and serious about a BDSM relationship.Not just wanting to play occasionally, I prefer to be in total power!
I am able to totally break a slave,slave only ask to be in good and very strong hands ,to be shown no mercy,and to be forced to do a lot of very humiliative things, just to feel like nothing and be trained into a perfect slave. And to be hold in chastity

Black Mistress here, your Domme that you’ll never regrate meeting. Am so dominant and my joy comes from controlling my boys /slave and subs. I am professional dominatrix, the art of bdsm, bondage, kink and fetish. I must confess am a beautiful black Domme,creative and very sadistic. Come fulfill your kinky bdsm desire today and for sure I’ll drench you in the bliss of female domination.

I take both outcalls and incalls from discreet locations in Kenya but you have to book prior. If you are visiting Kenya , I can host you in my Dungeon from $2500 per month you will enjoy your nights on the cage. I can also meet you in your hotel or vacation homes you just have to share your live location pin.
I am available for cross county and also international travel. I can fly to your location or with you for your vacation as long as you pay my hotel, return tickets and 50% non refundable deposit of your tribute.
Submit now.
You can now book me solely and explore your kinky desires with a touch of real domination!
Contact me only when ready. I don’t share my photos because all photos here are verified and real me.