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A Guide To Call Girls In Nairobi

Call girls in Nairobi can easily con you, and you will not be the first person they con. There are thousands of call girls on most dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, Tagged, OkCupid, and Lovoo. Usually, they are willing to meet up with you for sexual encounters in which you are to pay them afterwards. The conning usually happens like this:

  • You meet a girl online and agree on a sex for pay basis
  • The girl asks you to send cash for transportation to your designated place or as initial deposit
  • The girl either does not show up or goes missing after you’ve sent her the money

If you’ve never been in such a situation or don’t know how to best protect yourself from getting conned by a call girl, below are some tips to help you out.

Red Flags That You’re Dealing with a Rogue Call Girl

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It’s usually not so easy to tell that you are dealing with an insincere call girl or escort. However, you can gather a lot from the way she relates with you.

Extreme Cold or Warm Attitude

If her attitude is on extreme ends, you should be wary. A call girl who is too cold or too warm is a reason to be cautious. Her attitude will depend on how you have been conversing with her, but if you feel that she’s too cold, it could be an indicator that her she’s not worth your time or money. If she’s too warm, there are high chances she could be a guy pretending to be a girl.

No Voice Calls

You should strive to at least converse with the call girl on phone so that you get to hear her voice. Don’t expect every girl to be interested in talking to you though. They too have to deal with fake clients who simply wanted to waste their time. However, if you have been genuine all along and she is still wary about your calls, this could be a red flag.

Perfected Pictures That Don’t Match Her Character

If she has photos on her social media profile, you need to assess whether her character matches with the photos she has uploaded. Her photos should also be varied and should not look like they have been downloaded from the internet. The photos could also be stolen from someone else’s profile. This means you need to be keen about her photos.


A lack of professionalism is also an indicator that she may have some hidden motives. Classy call girls know how to tell apart a genuine client from a time waster. On the other hand, cheap call girls might not be able to do so due to inexperience with genuine clients. However, this does not mean that VIP call girls cannot con you.

3 Ways of Preventing a Call Girl from Conning You

Fake call girls in Nairobi stealing cash from men
Sending money to a stranger is always a big risk

Even after looking out for the potential red flags, it is possible that she might not display signs of her being a con artist. Most girls have perfected their attitudes and appearances to a level that they can fool anyone. If that’s the case, then you ought to step up a little bit.

Always Be Skeptical

Never lower your guard. You should constantly anticipate anything to go wrong despite meeting someone that may appear genuine. There is always a possibility that you missed a small detail when assessing the call girl. Since you have little information about her to work with, missing small clues is not impossible. It is always safer to be on high guard throughout your encounter with her. You could be dealing with anyone – an imposter, a thief, or even a guy at times. By being skeptical, losing focus becomes difficult, and you become much safer too.

Do Not Get Intimidated

Professional call girls would prefer keeping silent when they realize you are not a genuine client. Instead of claiming that you don’t have money so that they can really assess your worth, they tend to respond only after showing them that you are serious. If the girl talks ill of you in a way that is intended to make you feel inferior, end the conversation respectfully and find another one. You need to remember that the way she relates to you depends on how you approached her initially. If you were rude to her at any point, then you should not complain if she becomes rude to you too.

Do Not Send Her Money You Cannot Risk Losing

Never send her money you cannot risk losing. The better option, however, is to not send anything at all before meeting with her physically. Most of the men who have been conned parted with money before meeting with the girls they were expecting. They usually request the cash for purposes of:

  • Transportation to your agreed location
  • Initial deposit of the agreed amount
  • Assessing your seriousness
  • Communication with you (airtime credit)

If sending money is inevitable, only part with an amount that will not make you too angry such that you would want to involve the law.

Here Is What You Should Do Instead

Dark Stop sign
Be wary before you commit yourself

If you are still not sure if the call girl is real or she’s out to con you, then you can consider these final steps.

Public Meetings First

Insist on meeting up in a public place on the first date instead of demanding to have sex with her on the first date. A mall or a coffee shop is a good place to start. Your choice and initial outlook will also reveal your financial capabilities so that you need not send screenshots of your M-Pesa balance.

Send Her A Cab

After the first date, insist on sending her a taxi to pick her up instead of sending her cash for the taxi if you are still skeptical about her. It is better if your money goes to a sincere taxi driver than a con artist. Since there is a possibility that the girl could collude with the taxi driver to cause you harm, it would be a good idea to send a taxi driver you know.

Have a Fixed Amount of Money

Only have a fixed amount of money with you whenever you are expecting a call girl. You should have enough to cover the agreed amount along with some cash for emergencies. There have been situations where people’s M-Pesa accounts have been emptied and loans borrowed as well.

Notify Friends or Your Askari

Always notify a friend or a security guard that you are expecting a person who you are not too familiar with. Telling an askari about your situation will alert him to be wary about letting the call girl leave your apartment without your presence. If she physically harms you in your home or even drugs you before she steals from you, she would have to deal with the askari.

Visit a Massage Parlor or Call an Escort Agency

If you are not too sure, you could consider visiting a brother or a massage parlor that also offers happy endings. These have better reputations than individuals. In addition, they are in fixed locations and you can always assess the security of an area before going there. An escort is also a better option since they are companions who you first have to meet up and establish a connection with.

What If You Still Get Conned by The Call Girl?

Reaching out to the authorities is an option, but not the best since your case involves sexual solicitation. Most people resort to exposing the girl on social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. The disadvantage is that the posts get replaced with new content and people forget who was and who was not a con. Unless the theft involved a lot of money, you will not be getting back your money. Better safe than sorry.